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Recommended Reading

The following are books that Hank Boerner has reviewed and reccomends to anyone following the issues covered on this site:

The CEO and the Monk: One Company's Journey to Profit and Purpose Reputations
(By Robert B. Catell, Kenny Moore, and Glen Rifkin)

Finally, good news from inside the Corporate World! As the media focus our attention on corporate wrongdoing, the show trials of the rich and powerful, stratospheric salaries of greedy CEOs, and the "unaccountability" of managers and Wall Streeters comes a heartwarming and inspiration story of a Fortune 500 company with a soul. The CEO and the Monk is the inside story of Keyspan's dramatic growth over the past decade, of its hands-on CEO, of the difficulties encountered as the "family" of a 100-year old, conservative utility absorbs the shocks of mergers and acquisitions and grows from $1 billion to $6 billion in revenues, tripling its workforce. All the while maintaining a clear focus on doing the right thing...and blowing the numbers out of the water while not losing its soul, as one financial analyst observed. Read the rest of Hank's review on Amazon.com by clicking the title above.

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