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Aging Baby Boomers Flee North to Southeast - Community Resources Challenged to Keep Up
(Winter 2004)

Lead Paragraph:Suppose you could step off a boat in a flowing river and walk upstream - you'll see what is heading downstream, right? Suppose you could do this with time - walking upstream alongside the "river of time" to see what your organization will be dealing with next year...and beyond. This was a fascinating concept explored in a great 1980s novel - "Time and Again" - and one we'll employ as we prepare this "upstream look" for NCRC members. As Americans continue to move from north to south, the six-state Southeast Region's population growth is fast outstripping that of many other states. Except for potential or real community curbs on growth, there's no natural barrier to stop this internal immigration flow in the years ahead. Sunshine, lower taxes, lower home prices and other factors are powerful magnets.

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